The Find Subject Barcodes

Applies to: All programs

Finding a subject by scanning a barcode is one of the quickest and safest ways to find a subject. The barcodes can be used in many areas of the software including:

  • CapturePost
  • Details Mode
  • Images Mode
  • Poses Mode
  • Form Packs Mode
  • Match Mode

Two barcodes are available..

  1. The /%S barcode that finds a subject in the currently open job by their unique field
  2. The /%K barcode used in Version 4 that finds a subject in any job by their subject key

Either of these barcodes may be added to a template with the Add barcode object

The /%S barcode

The format for the /%S barcode is:



Let us assume you are a school photographer and the students in your job are uniquely identified by their ID number. This number is included in a field called ID.

The barcode is therefore encoded ..


The /%K barcode

The /%K barcode may only be used in Version 4. It finds subjects by their subject key which is unique across all subjects in all jobs. Therefore when using the /%K barcode it is not necessary to have the subject's job open. In fact it is not necessary to have ajob open at all.

The format for the /%K barcode is:


Since the subject key is quite long (eight characters) ensure the barcode object on the template is sufficiently wide to avoid truncating the barcode

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