Adding a drop shadow and other effects

Applies to: All programs

Version 3 of the software introduces the following effects
  • Drop shadow
  • Outline
  • Outer glow
  • Inner glow
These effects can be added to any template object which currently include:
  • Image holes
  • Labelled image holes
  • Graphic holes
  • Text boxes
  • Fill object (new object in version 3)
(In theory it is also possible to add an effect to a barcode although we can't see why this would be useful)

To add an effect to an object

  1. Place the object onto the template in the normal way or select an existing template object
  2. Select Edit>Object effects>Set or use the Ctrl-E keyboard shortcut to acivate the effects window.
  3. Turn on the desired effect or effects and manipulate the various settings until satisfied.

Note an object may have multiple effects applied to it.

Each effect presents the user with its own set of parameters. Parameters common to all effects include:
  • Opacity
  • Color
  • Size
Other parameters include:
  • Angle, distance and spread (Drop shadow)
  • Spread (Outer glow)
  • Choke (Inner glow)
Using object effects in practise
The object effects give the user live feedback as each parameter is manipulated meaning the user will see the result in real time. It is therefore anticipated the most common approach to applying an effect will be to simply adjust each setting until the effect "looks right".

Copying an effect
Once an effect has been set it may be copied with the purpose of pasting it to another template object.

To copy and paste an object effect
  1. Select the object with effect to be copied
  2. Select Edit>Object effects>Copy or use the Shift+Alt+E keyboard shortcut
  3. Select a new object
  4. Paste the effect by selecting Edit>Object effects>Paste or use the Shift+Ctrl+E keyboard shortcut
Adding effects to scalable template objects
Sizeable item designs (NeoPack/Professional, PackBuilder, NeoPack/Plus, OutPost) and Subject Blocks (NeoComposite and CompositeBuilder) are scalable templates.? The user does not enter absolute size when designing these templates as their final size will depend on the layout on which they are being used. The size units for these templates and all objects on them is therefore "abstract".

When adding effects to an object on a sizeable template the units are therfore also "abstract". For this reason it may be difficult to gauge the final appearance of the effect when adjusting each effect parameter. In these situations it is recommended the user test the effect on finished product to ensure the effect is as expected.