Changing the unfeatured list

Applies to: NeoComposite, CompositeBuilder

A composite template may include an unfeatured list where any unmatched subjects are optionally listed.

The format of the unfeatured list is a function of the subject block used. It is therefore possible to change the appearance of the unfeatured list by selecting a different subject block.

  1. In NeoComposite or CompositeBuilder open a subject block in the template designer>
  2. Locate the unfeatured list format below the subject block. By default it will appear as: Unfeatured: [@name|, ]
  3. Double-click the area to open the text editor
  4. Alter the format as desired eg change the word "Unfeatured" to "Absent"

The repeatable text

The repeatable text is achieved by making use of the square brackets and the upright bar. Enclose repeatable text within square brackets while replaceable text is to the left of the vertical bar.

In the example below the @name field will be repeated followed by a comma and a space.

[@name|, ]

The user may alter any of these attributes. The default above may therefore be modified as [@firstname|: ] for example.

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