Memory moments

Applies to: Families

With the introduction of families a new product became available - a product we are calling a 'Memory Moment'.

A memory moment is a portrait layout containing the family image together with the image of one or more of the subjects belonging to the family.

Difference between a memory moment and a memory mate

A memory mate is a product that contains the image matched to a folder together with the image of a subject belonging to that folder. A memory moment instead has the image matched to a family rather than a folder. Moreover a memory moment may contain the image from one or all of the subjects belonging to the family whereas a memory mate contains a single subject image

Figure 1: A memory moment - a family photo with individual subject images

Creating a memory moment

Memory moments are pack layouts created in the template designer of NeoPack/Professional or PackBuilder. Essentially they have the following elements that are particular to memory moments:

  1. An image hole to display the family image
  2. Image holes to display the images of subjects belonging to the family
  3. Optional text boxes to display subject specific text such as the subjects' names

Memory moments can only be used when part of a multi-layout. See Multi-layouts

Adding the family image

Place the family image by adding a labeled image holder with a label of 'family' or '@family'. Alternatively a regular image hole can be used with the word 'main' entered into the Image no window. The latter method offers the advantage of allowing for items to be applied as with any regular image hole.

Figure 2: Placing the family image with an image hole

Adding the subject images

Place the subject images by adding image holes to the template. In the Image no window enter 1 for the first subject, 2 for the second subject and so on

Figure 3: Adding a subject image to the memory moment

Adding text boxes with subject specific data

It is possible to add subject specific data to a family poduct by using special syntax in a text box.

@<<#image no>:>field

For example to display the firstname of the second subject in the family the text box is as per the screen grab below.

Figure 4: A text box to display a family members firstname

Setting the subject sort order

It is possible to give subjects in a family a sort order. The sort number is then used to determine which subject is used in which image hole and text box on the memory moment template. This is important when subjects need to be displayed in a certain order, perhaps matching their order in the family photo for example.

Figure 5: Note the subject numbers in the image holes and text boxes

The subject sort order is set in Details Mode by entering values into the Sort field for each family

Figure 6: Setting the sort order for the Smith family

Once the sort order is set the subjects are displayed in the memory moment in the correspomding positions - matching image holes and text boxes with the corresponding sort number

Figure 7: The memory moment with subjects placed accoriding to their sort order

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