Multiple composite sizes from one template

Applies to: NeoComposite, CompositeBuilder


Often there may be occassions where a photographer is required to supply the identical composite page but in two or more different sizes.

In school photography for example it may be necessary to provide an 8"x10" composite to individual students while also supplying the school with larger year level composites or even a whole school composite.

Prior to Version 3.2.0 the above scenario required the user to create a separate page layout template for each size needed. Version 3.2 introduces the concept of "extra sizes" for a composite page layout. The user creates a template in the normal way, then lists extra sizes for the layout. When forming the composite page the layout is selected in the nowmal manner with the additional option of choosing the size required. Each of these steps is discussed below

The template
  1. Create a composite page layout template in the normal way at any of the required sizes. This size becomes the "default" size that will be used when forming the page unless otherwise specified.
  2. To define extra sizes go to Edit>Extra Sizes ...
  3. List extra sizes in the Extra Sizes table. A screen grab is shown below

The "Place" option

It is important for the user to understand how the Fit, Fill and Stretch options work when defining extra sizes.

The concept is perhaps best demonstrated by way of example:

Consideran 8"x10" (horizontal) composite page layout. This is in the 4:5 aspectratio. It will serve as the "default" size. Another size is needed,16"x24". This is in the 2:3 aspect ratio. In other words it is longerthan the default size. In this scenario the user must decide how thetemplate objects are to be placed on the extra size layout.

Fit: Scales to fit the shortside (the 8"side). This means the long side (the 10" side) will bescaled up to 20". Since the extra size is 24" lomg the Fit option willleave 2" of extra space on the left and right sides.

Fill: Fills the long side (the10" side) essentially scaling it up by a factor of 2.4. Applying thissame scaling to the short side (the 8" side) will cause it to be 19.2".Since the extra size defintion is 16" high, using the Fill option inthis scenario will cause the top and bottom to be cropped.

Stretch: Will stretch theobjects on the page to fit both the vertical and horizontal planes.Note this does not cause distortion of images and text since thetemplate objects are stretched before the data and images are placed.

The"place" options are only applied when the aspect ratio of the extra size isdifferent to that of the default size. When the two are in the sameaspect ratio these options have no effect.

Forming the composite page

Once extra sizes have been listed for a given template the user can select the extra sizes when forming the composite page
  1. Select a Composite Page Layout in the normal way
  2. Click the "Size" menu list to select a size other than the default size
  3. Continue to form the page as normal