Matching an image to a folder via the text file

Applies to: Details Mode

When importing a text file not only is it possible to match subject data to their images but it is also possible to match an image (typically a team or group photo) to a folder. This is important to, say, sports photographers wishing to create memory mates. (See Memory mates in NeoPackProfessional and PackBuilder

The underlying principle to match an image to a folder with a text file is as follows:

In the text file if the one of the 'name' fields for the image contains the word "group" or "folder", that image will be matched to the folder specified for that image.

The name field must be a field with any one of the three "name" properties.

  • first name
  • last name
  • whole name

Figure 1: Subject fields with a 'name' special property

Consider the following (abbreviated) text file for a soccer league. Two teams are represented in the text file -the U8 Eagles and the U10 Hornets. The fields are Firstname, Lastname, Team and Imagefilename

  • Sam,Davis,U8 Eagles,100.jpg
  • Josh,Corr,U8 Eagles,101.jpg
  • Will,Walker,U10 Hornets,150.jpg
  • Simon,Cloke,U10 Hornets,151.jpg

When the text file is imported, the "Team" field is mapped as the field from which to create folders and therefore two folders will be created - U8 Eagles and U10 Hornets.

Figure 2: Map the field with the group or team as the field to make folders from.

Let us now add an entry into the text file for each teams' group photograph. This entry will match the appropriate team picture to the correct folder. It is necessary for the word "Folder" or "Group" to be in either the firstname or lastname field (but not both) and the image for that entry will be matched to whichever folder is in the folder field.

  • Sam,Davis,U8 Eagles,100.jpg
  • Josh,Corr,U8 Eagles,101.jpg
  • Folder,,U8 Eagles,110.jpg
  • Will,Walker,U10 Hornets,150.jpg
  • Simon,Cloke,U10 Hornets,151.jpg
  • Folder,,U10 Hornets,160.jpg

Image 110.jpg is the team picture for the U8 Eagles and image 160.jpg is the team picture for the U10 Hornets.

Note the use of the word "Folder" in the firstname field. It could have also been used in the lastname field. Likewise the word "Group" could be used in place of the word "Folder". Do not use the word "Folder" or "Group" in both the firstname and lastname fields as the match will not work.

Figure 3: Subject images have benn matched to subjects. Group images have been matched to their folder

Alternative names

As an alternative to "Folder' and "Group" the following entries may also be used

  • [board] - be sure to include the square brackets
  • slate
  • 99

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