Default items

Applies to: NeoPack and OutPost Version 4.2

Beginning with Version 4.2 it is possible to specify a default item for a layout. This item will automatically be applied to the layout with no need to order the item separately

Default items are specified in the layout's File>Properties by entering either the item's name or key into the Default item window.

Figure 1: Setting a default item for a layout. This calendar layout will have a default item whose Key is cal1

How does a default item differ from an explicit item?

Default items differ from calling an explicit item onto an image hole.

  1. Explicit items are a property of each image hole on a layout - default items apply globally to all applicable image holes on the layout
  2. An explicit item is fixed - default items can be over-ridden by selecting/ordering another item

Ordering layouts with default items

Layouts with default items are ordered in the same way as any other layout. The item does not need to be ordered in addition to the layout. However it is possible to order a another item with the layout. This item will then be used instead of the default item.


You offer trading cards in several different designs with each design being accomplished by an item. Customers may order any design but if they fail to do so they are to receive a default design. You scan orders by barcode.

  1. Specify the default item for the trading card layout in the layout's File>Properties
  2. If the subject does not order a specific item then just scan the trading card's barcode. They will receive trading cards with the default design.
  3. If the subject orders a different design then scan the same trading card barcode along with the barcode to order the desired design

Default items and IOS

Default items are supported in IOS. Any products (layouts) defined with a default item will be displayed with that item in the Order Products page of IOS

Figure 2: A calendar product in IOS showing the default item design. Three other designs can be ordered.

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