Memory Mates with OutPost

Applies to: OutPost

It is strongly recommended the user becomes familiar with the article Memory Mates with NeoPack/Professional and PackBuilder as forming memory mates in OutPost differs only in the way the portrait images and group pictures are "matched" to a folder.

The essential steps in creating memory mates in OutPost involve:

  1. Creating folders and organizing images into folders
  2. Linking the group picture to the appropriate folder
  3. Creating a template that utilizes steps 1 and 2 above

Figure 1: A memory mate

Create and organize the folders

Once images have been imported and any data associated with them it will be necessary to organize the images into folders.

  1. Create a folder for each team using the "New Folder" icon on the toolbar or select Folders>New from the main menu.
  2. Select all the portrait images for a particular team (excluding the team's group picture) and drag them into the appropriate folder
  3. Repeat step 2 for each team.
  4. You will now have all images in the "All" folder and each teams portrait images in their respective folder. Verify this by selecting the "All" folder then each team folder in turn.

Figure 2: Creating folders for each team

Linking the group picture to the appropriate folder

The group picture is linked or matched to the appropriate folder by control-dragging the team photo into its appropriate folder.

  1. Return to the "All" folder and select the group picture for the first team.
  2. Control-drag the group picture to the appropriate folder. The cursor will display a + symbol as you do this. Note the image number for the group picture changes to a light blue to indicate it has been linked or "matched" to folder. Note also this step does not move the group picture to the folder - it remains in the "All" folder only.
  3. Repeat step 2 for all team pictures.

Matching a team photo to its folder

The memory mate template

Essentially a memory mate template simply contains two image holes - a standard hole for the individual (portrait) image and a labelled image hole that calls the group picture that has been linked to the team's folder.

  1. Start a new pack layout
  2. Add the image hole for the portrait image using the "Add image" tool
  3. Add any text, graphics and barcodes in the usual manner
  4. Add a labelled image hole for the subjects' group image using the "Add labelled image" tool
  5. When prompted for a label enter "@folder" (without the quotation marks)
  6. Save the template

The label for the labelled image holder

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