Matching an image to a family

Applies to: Families

Images can be matched to families in much the same way as images can be matched to a folder. Once an image has been matched to a family it can be ordered by a number of methods

Matching in Match Mode

In the same manner as matching an image to a subject or folder, Match Mode can be used to match an image to a family

  1. Select the family image
  2. Enter the family name into the 'Match image with- family'
  3. When the correct family is displayed, press enter to accept the match

An image matched to a family is displayed with a blue bar enclosing the family name

Figure 1: Matching the Jones family

Matching an image to a family via a text file

The procedure for matching an image to a family via a text file is essentially the same as that used when matching to a folder.(For detailed information of this procedure please see Matching an image to a folder via a text file

When mmatching an image to a family the key difference is the word "family" is used in the text file instead of "group" or "folder"

In the text file if one of the name fields contains the word "family", the image will be matched to the family

In the sample text file below, the word Family has been entered into the lastname field for the image to be matched to the family.

Figure 2: A text file matching images to families

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