Grouping subjects on the composite page

Applies to: NeoComposite, CompositeBuilder

When designing a composite page layout, it has always been possible to add multiple subject block areas to the template. With later versions of NeoComposite and CompositeBuilder it became possible to specify which subjects are to appear in a given subject block area thus giving the user greater control over the placement of subjects on the composite page.

For example the user may desire subject block areas be filled with

  • All subjects from a particular folder eg the "staff" folder
  • Subjects with specific labels eg "principal", "school captain"
  • Any combination of folders and labels eg "principal;staff;school captain"

To group subjects into a subject block area simply

  1. Drag a subject block area onto the template
  2. Double-click the area to display the composite blocks area window
  3. Enter the name of the folder(s) of subjects you wish to group into this area or labels for particular subjects. Separate multiple entries with a semi colon

Whole school and year level composites

Consider a whole school or year level composite where the staff need to be grouped together on the composite page. Furthermore the staff need to appear in a separate section of the composite page to that of the students. This can be achieved with the functionality described above.

1. Design the template with two distinct subject block areas - one for the students and one for the staff.

Figure 1: A composite page layout template with two subject areas

2. Double click the subject block area where you wish the staff to appear. (The smaller of the two areas in the example above). This will display the Composite blocks Area window. Enter the name of the staff folder - in this example we have assumed such a folder is called "Staff".

Figure 2: Specifying a group of subjects to appear in the subject block area

3. Save the template and form the composite page in the usual way. (Ensure the staff folder is selected in the "subjects to include".) The students will appear in the main subject block area while the staff will appear in the area designated for the staff folder.

Figure 3: The finished composite with subjects in two distinct areas

Some points to consider

  • No matter how many subject block areas are placed on the template or how many subjects are included in each area, the size of each subject will be the same across the page.
  • The sort order of the subjects within each area is specified in the Composite Page Settings window and is applied globally to each subject block area.
  • A subject can only appear in one subject block area.

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