Remove unwanted faces

Applies to: Face Detection and Recognition

It is possible to remove faces from an image. This is primarily done in the following two circumstances.

  • Along with the real face, the face detection has found an 'artefact' face
  • The image has multiple faces but the user only wants it associated with one face

Finding multiple faces

Since in both the examples listed above the images contain multiple faces, it is useful to use the 'Multiple Faces' filter in Images Mode to display only the relevant images. Note artefact faces will often also be red, since they will usually be determined as 'eyes closed'.

Figure 1: Using the multiple faces filter to find images with more than one face.

The image on the left has an artefact face in the top right corner. The second image has two real faces however the photographer may wish to remove one face thereby leaving it associated with one face only.

Removing the unwanted faces

Faces can be removed by engaging the faces tool in Images Mode>Images>Select faces tool or by clicking the 'Image face tool' icon on the Images Mode toolbar. With the tool active, hovering over a face highlights it. Simply Control-click to remove the face.

  1. Engage the Faces tool either by selecting it from the Images menu or clicking its icon on the toolbar
  2. Hover over the unwanted face to bring it into focus - the box will become bold
  3. Control click to remove the face

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