Images in Order Headers

Applies to:Version 4.7

Order Headers have been available in Fulfill since the inception of IOS and more recently were also made available in NeoPack.

A limitation of Order Headers was the inability to place the ordered image onto the header since a particular order could potentially contain multiple items and therefore multiple images. This has been addressed in Version 4.7

Placing a single image hole on the template

A single image hole on the template will, by default, display the ordered image. If multiple items are in the order it will display the image ordered in the first item.

Figure 1: An order with two order items. The image displayed will be that ordered for the first item - Package PK1

Multiple image holes for orders with multiple order items

It is possible to place multiple image holes on the template with each hole calling the image from a different order item. This is achieved by numbering the Image No attribute of the image hole #1, #2, #3 ....#n

Figure 2: This image hole will call the image from the second order item courtesy of placing #2 into the Image No field of the image hole properties

Where an order has fewer order items than image holes than there are image holes on the template, the unused image holes will appear blank.

Figure 3: An order header template with three image holes

Listing image filenames

Image filenames can be listed by placing @images anywhere on the template

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