CapturePost shot limit

Applies to: CapturePost Version 4.7

CapturePost can optionally provide an audible and visual warning when the photographer exceeds a certain number of photos per subject. This helps guard against the photographer forgetting to scan or find the next subject resulting in images matched to the wrong subject.

Key points

  • Limit the number of shots per subject to any number of images
  • Audible and visual warning when limit exceeded
  • Elect whether to have 'extra' images matched or unmatched

CapturePost setup

Consider a photographer who typically would take 2 or 3 shots per subject in order to "get a good one". On occasion he may need to take more in order to guard against blinking or children who may be difficult to pose.

In this situation the photographer may elect to set a limit of 5 shots per subject as per the screen grab below. The option is set in the CapturePost setup window (File>Setup).

Figure 1: Setting a shot limit

When the photographer takes a 6th photo of the subject, CapturePost will play the audible warning and the CapturePost window will 'shake' to alert the photographer the limit has been reached. He may then elect to keep shooting or scan another subject barcode to dismiss the warning.

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