Order barcodes

Applies to: CapturePost, Details Mode

This article discusses order barcodes as used in Version 3 (and earlier). For information regarding order barcodes in Version 4 refer to the article Ordering in Version 4
However it is essential users understand the principles in this article before advancing to Version 4

Where can order barcodes be used

The order bacodes described herein may be scanned into either CapturePost or into the Details Details Mode of DataPost, PackBuilder, NeoPack/Professional, CompositeBuilder or NeoComposite

In CapturePost orders are most typically scanned for pre-payworkflows where the subject has selected their order prior to photography.

In Details Mode orders are typically scanned after photography in non pre-pay workflows. In PackBuilder and NeoPack/Professional the order barcodes may also be used directly in Form Packs Mode to add products directly to the print queue however it should be noted that order barcodes scanned in Form Packs Mode are not added to the subject's data as occurs when scanning the barcodes into Details Mode.

The basic order barcode

In its most basic form the order barcode will be encoded as follows:


The compnents is the barcode may be described as:

  • /%O is an escape sequence that tells the software what is to follow is an order
  • /P denotes a NeoPack/Professional pack layout
  • {layout-key} is the unique key assigned to layout template in NeoPack/Professional or PackBuilder

/%O/PD will order a NeoPack/Professional layout whose key is D

Adding multiple copies

To order additional copies of the same layout simply scan the one barcode the required number of times. Alternatively the number of copies information may be incorporated into the barcode requiring the barcode to be only scanned once.:


/%O/PD.25 will order 25 copies of the layout whose key is D

Adding an item design to a layout

An item design may be added to the layout by adding the string %{item-key} immediately after the layout key, where item-key is the unique key assigned to the item design layout in NeoPack/Professional. The barcode can now be generally described as:


/%O/PD%X.25 will apply the item design X to layout D and order 25 copies. Note the number of copies must be at the end of the combined layout/item keys.

Adding further layouts to the barcode

Thebarcode may combine several layouts as would commonly occur whenordering a complete "package". Simply add the additional layoutstogether with any item designs or copy information to the end of thestring

Continuing from the previous example

/%O/PD%X.25/PE/P/F.2 will also order layouts E and two copies of layout F

Note each of the additinal layout keys must be preceded with the /P sequence. Each of the additional layouts may also have an item design applied.

Adding item designs independently of layouts

It is possible to scan an item barcode independently of the layout barcode. This means the user may have separate barcodes for layouts and designs and can therefore mix and match the two. The format for an item design barcode is as follows:

/%O%P%{item-key} where {item-key} is the key assigned to the item design.

The barcode /%O%P% removes the item design

Adding composite or traditional group photos

The string /C when added to a barcode will order a composite group photograph in NeoComposite.

The string /G when added to a barcode will order a traditional group photograph in NeoGroup.

Extra copies can be ordered in the same manner described previously

/%O/PD%X.25/PE/PF.2/C will add a composite group photograph
/%O/PD%X.25/PE/PF.2/G.2 will add two copies of a traditional group photograph

Summarising the order barcode

The general order barcode may now be described as


Ordering composites and groups

Composites (in NeoComposite and CompositeBuilder) and traditional group photographs (NeoGroup and GroupBuilder) may also be ordered with their own seperate barcodes

  • /%O/C will order a composite group photograph for the subject
  • /%O/G will order a traditional group photograph for the subject
Combining layouts into a package

The user is able to define "packages" and add muliple layouts, composites and groups into the package. The package may be given a code, a descriptive name and a price and this information is subsequently used as the basis for the reports available in Details Mode.

It should be noted defining packages this way is only for reporting purposes. Only in Version 4 may a single package code (as defined in tsAdministrator) order multiple products.

The package code or key may be incorporated into an order barcode. Once orders have been entered the software will collate the package information and prepare the reports. Package codes are added to an order barcode immediately after the /%O and before the next /.

The general barcode then becomes..


You wish to offer a package called Value Pack which comprises threeseperate layouts whose keys are D, E and F. Layout E will need twocopies. None of the layouts will require an item design. A compositegroup photograph is also part of this package. In DataPost the packagehad been defined with the code VP.

The barcode is therefore encoded