Defining fields in Version 4

Applies to: Version 4

In software version prior to Version 4 fields are defined and edited directly from within the applications themselves. In most programs this is achieved via Details Mode>Edit fields.

For a comprehensive explanation of fields, field types and defining fields in Version 3 please consult the document Data.pdf

The above represents 'job specific' field definitions and while this functionality is maintained, Version 4 also allows the user to define fields centrally with the Timestone Administrator utility. This approach offers considerable advantages such as eliminating the need for program defaults and master job files while reducing the likelihood of operator error at the workstation level.

Defining fields in Timestone Administrator

In Version 4 fields are defined with the Fields object in tsAdministrator where the user can set the following fields:

  • Subject fields
  • Folder fields
  • Job (file) fields
  • Image fields (currently only used by OutPost

Furthermore, fields can be set for any combination of the following

  • Season
  • Workspace
  • Account (expected late 2011)

Pre defined fields

Upon installation the following subject fields are pre-defined as common fields available for all jobs. While it is possible to edit and even remove these fields it is recommended they are left in place.

Field Type
ID Unique
Firstname First name
Lastname Last name

Defining common fields

Some fields may be required for all jobs. These may be referred to as 'common' fields. The pre-defined subject fields ID, Firstname and Lastname are such common fields.

To define common fields which will be available for all jobs

In tsAdministrator:

Select the Fields object. Select "all" for season, workspace and account (*). Define fields as required. Specify tags as required.


No matter what season, workspace or account the job is in, the 'common' fields will always be available together with any fields defined for that job's season, account or workspace.

Figure 1: Defining common subject fields

Defining fields for a season

There may be fields required only for a specific season. School photographers may require fields such as Grade, Teacher and Homeroom for their "Schools" season while sports photographers may require Age, Height and Number for their "Sports" season jobs.

In tsAdministrator:

Select the Paths object then select the season.Define fields and specify tags as required for the season. Repeat for each season as needed

The result

When a job is created in one of the seasons, the fields defined for that season will be available together with any 'common' fields.

Figure 2: Defining fields for the Spring 2009 season

Defining fields for a workspace or account

In the same manner as described above, fields can be defined for each workspace and account as needed.

Defining job level fields

Irrespective of fields defined with the Timestone Administrator, fields may also be added, edited and removed for each job. This is done in the program itself via Edit fields in Details Mode (or the main mode of OutPost).

Working with field definitions in the applications has no effect on the fields in tsAdministrator. Fields added directly in NeoPack/Professional for example, will not be added to the fields in the Administrator.

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