Text Quality and Anti-Aliasing

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By default the software does not apply anti-aliasing to text when printing. This is not a problem unless printing very large text. In these cases the text may appear "jagged".

It is possible to turn on anti-aliasing by creating and editing a registry key as follows:

  1. Locate the following registry key or if not present , create it HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Timestone>ImageFlags
  2. Create a new DWORD value for the ImageFlags key, name it AntialiasedTextQuality and give it a value of 1
  3. Exit the registry and re-start the software
  4. Anti-aliasing will now be enabled

Note: Anti-aliasing will only work when printing to bitmap (jpeg, tiff etc) or when printing via one of the Timestone Software printer plug-ins. It will not work with WindowsTM Printer Drivers.

If editing the registry is unfamiliar to you please contact support.

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