Olympus E Series Cameras

Applies to: CapturePost

Supported cameras

The Olypmpus driver officially supports the E-1 and E-3 Olympus digital SLR cameras. The driver may work with other Olympus E Series D-SLRs but this has not been tested.

Camera control mode & driver

The camera's PC MODE must be set to 'CONTROL' (as opposed to STORAGE). PC MODE is selected via the camera's menu. Shooting mode is sometimes referred to as tethered mode. The user must install the Olympus camera control driver. Depending on whether the camera is attached via USB or firewire, this will be OlyUsbCamCtrlDrvInst_x86.exe or OlyFirCamCtrlDrvInst_x86.exe.

IT is strongly recommended the user first get ithe camera working with the Olympus tethered shooting shoftware -Olympus Studio. This will ensure all cables are connected and drivers installed correctly. The test cameras were tested with Olympus Studio version 2.11.


During testing, it was found the camera sometimes did not connect in control mode, even though CONTROL mode is selected in the camera's menu.

To determine which mode the camera has connected in, open Windows Device Manager and look for the OLYMPUS Camera Controller entry. This indicates the camera has correctly connected in CONTROL mode. If instead the entry is found as OLYMPUS E-x USB Device under Disk Drives, the camera is in STORAGE mode. To remedy this problem, perform the following steps in sequence:

? Unplug the camera
? Run OlyUsbCamCtrlDrvInst_x86
? Plug in the camera in STORAGE mode
? Unplug the camera
? Run OlyUsbCamCtrlDrvUninst_x86
? Plug in the camera in CONTROL mode

Olympus system files

On some systems, certain Olympus system files are installed under C:\WINDOWS. (Possibly by older versions of Olympus Studio.) If problems are encountered, please update to Olympus Studio 2.11 or later, then delete any copies of the following files from C:\WINDOWS, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 or any subdirectories therein:

? OlyDriverCtrl.dll
? OlyDirCtrl.dll
? Vodka.dll

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package

The Olympus SDK and device drivers depend on the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package. This system component is not shipped with Windows XP. It is normally shipped with Olympus Studio. If Olympus Studio is not installed the packages may be downloadedf from:


If the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package is not installed it will not be possible to install the Olympus camera control driver, nor will the Olympus D-SLR work with CapturePost.

Unplugging the Camera

If the camera is unplugged while images are being downloaded, CapturePost may crash. This is an Olympus SDK problem and cannot be corrected by Timestone Software. This applies mainly to the Olympus E1 cameras.