Checking for mismatches using Face Recognition

Applies to: Face Detection and Recognition

When a subject has multiple images, Face Recognition can be used to check the images and alert the user when two (or more) images with different faces are matched to the same subject.

How it works

For each subject, the software examines the images matched to it and compares each image's face. When two or more images have different faces, the subject is flagged as mismatched.

Although mismatch detection can be performed 'on the fly' without first detecting faces, this process is significantly slower. It is therefore highly recommended face detection has been performed on the images before checking for mismatches.

For information on detecting portrait image faces, please refer to:

Detecting faces

Checking for mismatches in Poses Mode

Poses Mode has long been used as a method to check for mismatches as it allows the user to advance through the subjects one at a time while visually inspecting the images matched to the subject. While very effective, it did mean the photographer would need to check each and every subject to find any with mismatched images.

The arrival of Face Detection and Recognition has provided the user with an 'are mismatched' filter meaning the user does not need to check each subject and can instead advance through only the subjects with mismatched images.

To find subjects with mismatched images in Poses Mode:

  1. Select the first subject in the subject list
  2. Check the 'are mismatched' option in Look for subjects that..
  3. Click the Get next button in order to jump to the first subject with mismatched images
  4. Continue clicking the button to advance to other subjects with mismatched images

Figure 1: Using the 'are mismatched' criteria in Poses Mode to find subjects with mismatched images one subject at a time

Checking for mismatches in Match Mode

While Poses Mode is a very popular method for finding mismatched subjects, fixing mismatches is performed in Match Mode. Some users may therefore prefer to use Match Mode to find mismatches. To this end a 'mismatched' filter is available which display only subjects and images with mismatches.

Figure 2: Using the 'mismatched' filter Match Mode to find all subjects with mismatched images

A common workflow - combining Poses and Match modes

A very common workflow to find and fix mismatches is to use Poses Mode and Match Mode in partnership. Preferring to see mismatched subjects one at a time, the user finds these subjects in Poses Mode then toggles to Match Mode to correct the mismatch before toggling back to Poses Mode to advance to the next mismatched subject.

  1. In Poses Mode find the first mismatched subject as per the method above
  2. Shift-F5 to jump to Match Mode and the first image for the subject in question
  3. Fix the mismatch
  4. F6 to jump back to Poses Mode
  5. Click Get next to advance to the next mismatched subject
  6. Repeat steps 2-5

Mismatches in CapturePost

Finding mismatches in CapturePost is discussed in the document Face Detection and Recognition in CapturePost

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