CapturePost and Green Screen

Applies to: CapturePost


Printing ID cards and other small items on-site is a popular use of CapturePost. This feature was considerably enhanced in Version 4.7 with the introduction of the ability to dynamically change the template according to data. CapturePost ID card printing

CapturePost Version 4.7 also introduced limited Chroma Key (Green Screen) support. This enabled photographers shooting green screen to instantly and automatically knock out the background before printing an ID card card with a replacement background

Key points

  • No chroma key license required
  • Toggle background removal on and off
  • Use the images for ID card printing or export
  • Background removal is transient and not saved with the TNJ
  • Replacement background must be on the ID card template
  • Basic and automatic removal only. No clean up tools are available

Toggling the Chroma key removal on and off

Toggle the background removal with menu option Images>Pseudo chroma key on/off

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