Populate Field

Applies to: Details Mode

Populate field allows the user to automatically add unique data into a specific subject field.

Populate field is therefore ideal for providing a subject with a unique ID where none is available or for assigning a password to each subject for the purposes of online ordering for example.

However its use is not limited to the two examples above and can be used whenever the need arises to assign either a sequential number or random string of numbers and characters to every subject. Furthermore each value can be prefixed with a fixed value - a job ID for example.

To use populate field:

  1. Go to Details Mode
  2. Optionally sort the data by clicking the field headers
  3. Select Edit>Populate field
  4. The Populate field window appears. Select the field to be populated and the parameters of the data to populate it with.
  5. Click OK to populate the selected field with data

Figure 1: The populate field window


  • The ability to sort the existing data before populating a field was introduced with Version 3.2.0. Prior to this populate field always added data in the order of Lastname ascending
  • When populating with random number/text the minimum length is 5 characters. This can comprise of data only or the combination of a prefix and data
  • It is not possible to populate a field with fixed data
  • Populate field can only add values to existing subjects. It is not possible to populate a field when subjects are not present

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