Importing Poses via a text file

Poses Mode

If a text file has pose numbers or pose labels assigned to each inage it is possible to import these pose numbers.

The concept is perhaps best explained by way of example.

The text file

Consider a high school seniors shoot. Each student has a had a number of photographs taken but only the best four have been assigned poses, Taking one particular student as an example, Loretta Fusel, the text file might look something like this.

  • Loretta,Fusel,3333,\\homer\seniors1\100.jpg
  • Loretta,Fusel,3333,\\homer\seniors1\101.jpg
  • Loretta,Fusel,3333,\\homer\seniors1\102.jpg
  • Loretta,Fusel,3333,\\homer\seniors1\103.jpg
  • Loretta,Fusel,3333,\\homer\seniors1\104.jpg
  • Loretta,Fusel,3333,\\homer\seniors1\105.jpg
  • Loretta,Fusel,3333,\\homer\seniors1\106.jpg
  • Loretta,Fusel,3333,\\homer\seniors1\107.jpg

The fields from left to right are; first name, last name, ID, image path. The image path in this case is in UNC format where homer is the computer name and senior1 the share name for the folder containing the images

Four images have been assigned a pose number and the text file now looks like.

  • Loretta,Fusel,3333,\\homer\seniors1\100.jpg
  • Loretta,Fusel,3333,\\homer\seniors1\101.jpg,1
  • Loretta,Fusel,3333,\\homer\seniors1\102.jpg
  • Loretta,Fusel,3333,\\homer\seniors1\103.jpg
  • Loretta,Fusel,3333,\\homer\seniors1\104.jpg,2
  • Loretta,Fusel,3333,\\homer\seniors1\105.jpg
  • Loretta,Fusel,3333,\\homer\seniors1\106.jpg,3
  • Loretta,Fusel,3333,\\homer\seniors1\107.jpg,4

Importing the test file

It is possible to import this text file and have the pose numbers automatically assigned to the correct image. Import the text file in the usual manner being certain to check the Set pose box. This will present the user with an additional field to map as per the screen grab below

Figure 1: Setting up the text file import

Checking the import

Once the import is complete check the import in Poses Mode.

Figure 2: checking the poses in Poses Mode

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