Editing images in photoshop

Applies to: All programs with image editing

It is possible to edit images in an external image editor such as Adobe?Photoshop? without leaving the software to do so. Furthermore upon leaving the editor and returning to the software the images will be automatically refreshed, thereby displaying the changes just made.

However before editing images in this manner it will be necessary to "tell" the software how to launch the external editor by pointing it to the external editor's launch file. In the case of Photoshop CS2 the executable file is photoshop.exe and is located in C:Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2. This path is set in File>Options>General tab from any mode other than Design Mode as per the screen grab below.

Figure 1: Defining an external image editor

Defining an external image editor is only required once, after the initial installation, and does not need to be repeated when the program is re-installed or upgraded.

Once the external image editor has been defined, return to the image editing mode and select the image or images to be edited externally. To open the images in the external editor either:

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-E
  • Select Edit Images.. from the Images Menu
  • Click the paintbrush icon on the toolbar

Note that unlike editing and cropping in Timestone Software, working with images in an external editor such as Photoshop alters the original image.

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