Importing images via the data - assigning the primary image at import

Applies to: DataPost, NeoPack/Professional, NeoComposite, PackBuilder, Compositebuilder

This article assumes the reader is familiar with importing images via a text file. If this is not the case please refer to Importing images via a text file

When importing images along with the text file and there are multiple images for each of the subjects it is possible to specify which of the images is to be the main or primary image.

The text file

Consider the following text file where several images are being imported per subject. The field names are ID, firstname, lastname, grade and image filename respectively.

  • 23432,Joanna,Liederman,8A,100.jpg
  • 23432,Joanna,Liederman,8A,101.jpg
  • 23432,Joanna,Liederman,8A,102.jpg
  • 24534,Bruce,Martin,8A,103.jpg
  • 24534,Bruce,Martin,8A,104.jpg
  • 24534,Bruce,Martin,8A,105.jpg

If the above text file is imported as shown, the software will use the last image for each subject as the main or primary image.

In order to explicitly mark one of the images as the primary image an extra field must be added any keyboard character entered as the value for this field. This is done only for the entry for the primary image.

The text file above could then become:

  • 23432,Joanna,Liederman,8A,100.jpg,,
  • 23432,Joanna,Liederman,8A,101.jpg,P
  • 23432,Joanna,Liederman,8A,102.jpg,
  • 24534,Bruce,Martin,8A,103.jpg,P
  • 24534,Bruce,Martin,8A,104.jpg,
  • 24534,Bruce,Martin,8A,105.jpg,

Note the use of the P for images 124.jpg and 158.jpg. These images will be marked as the primary image for Joanna Liederman and Bruce Martin respectively. Although the character P has been used in this example any keyboard character is valid.

Importing the text file - mapping the fields

The text file is imported as per normal via DetailsMode>Subjects>Import text file. The screen grab below shows the import text file setup.

Figure 1: Setting up the import

To import the images ensure the "filename (import images)" option is selected in the "Match with images as well" section. This will present an additional field to map - the Image-id field. In the example above the image-id field is field 5.

To map the primary image field ensure the Set>primary option is checked. This will present an additional field to map, the Image-primary field. In the example above the primary image field is field 6.

Checking the import

To check whether the import has worked correctly and the primary images have been marked as desired, go to either Match Mode or Poses Mode and note the small triangles in the bottom right hand corner of each image. A dark grey triangle denotes the primary image. Red triangles denote multiple images for the subject without any particular image marked as primary. In this case the last image will be used as the primary image by default.

The screen grab below demonstrates Match Mode once the above sample text file was imported. Note the primary image has been set for Joanna Liederman and Bruce Martin as indicated by the dark grey triangle. Since the text file did not specify a primary image for Sandra Johnson all of her images are marked with red triangles.

Figure 2: Poses mode post import

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