QR Codes - Frequently asked questions

1. How much does it cost?
Nothing. It's just part of our software. There is no charge for the QR functionality. There are no 'per click' fees to decode the images. There is no special software to buy.

2. What special software do I need?
None. It's just part of our regular software. In the template designer you'll see a new tool to add the QR code to your templates. When you import your images you'll see a new option to read the QR codes and match them to the data.

3. How do I get the text file to import and match?
There's no need to do that. Just import the images and the software decodes the QR and matches the images to the data.

4. Do I need a special lab to read my QR codes?
No. Our regular software does everything for you.

5. What do I encode the QR with in order to match the images to the data?
As with our regular barcodes you would typically encode the subjects unique field (ID) or their subject key if you're using SQL jobs.

6. I take many photos for the same kid. Does the QR need to be in every shot?
No. You can shoot just the card by itself then all the subject images or get the subject to hold the card for only the first image or some of them or all of them! It's entirely up to you. The software will know what to do when you import them.

7. How small can the QR code be?
Pretty small. We've tested with some only an inch or so wide right up to full page.

8. Does this replace CapturePost?
No it complements it. The QR system is ideal for situations where you can't shoot tethered but CapturePost still offers plenty that QR doesn't such as seeing a big preview of the image, scanning of orders, pose and primary image information, instant printing of ID cards and more.

9. What other information can I encode into the QR?
Anything you like. The most common use is to encode subject identification info such as ID or Key but you can encode any information you like such as web addresses. There are many smart phone apps, software programs and web services that read QR codes.