Sorting data in Details Mode

Applies to: Details Mode

The ability to sort data by simply clicking a column (field) header has been a long standing feature in Details Mode.

A limitation however has been that only a single level of sort was available - it was not possible to sort by more than one field simultaneously such as sorting, say, by the folder field then the subject lastname.

Version 4.7 removed this limitation by introducing multi-level sort in Details Mode

Key points

  • Click any column header to sort by that column in ascending order
  • Click the column header again to sort in descending order
  • Control-click other columns as needed to add them to the sort level
  • Clear the multi-level sort by clicking any column header without the control key
  • There is no limit to the number of fields that can be sorted this way

Sorted columns are displayed with a number indicating the sort order. The number 1 represents the primary sort filed, 2 the secondary and so on. A greater than symbol (>) indicates ascending order whereas a less than symbol (<) indicates descending order.

Figure 1:Sorting data by folder in ascending order then by lastname in descending order

The specified sort is a function of the current application at the current workstation. It is not saved with the job.

Data sort order

Data is sorted according to the standard ASCII table which can be found here:


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