Formatting text via the data

Applies to: All programs

It is possible to format the text on any layout by introducing a field or fields with formatting tags.

The following text attributes may be set via the data. The appropriate tag is also shown

Attribute Tag
Colour /CR G B where R, G and B are values between 0 and 255
Font /Ffontname where fontname is the name of the desired font
Bold on /B
Bold off /B-
Italic on /I
Italic off /I-
Underline on /U
Underline off /U-

Entering the tag or tags into a field

Consider a field called, say, Style. The field could be either a file, folder or subject field. Any of the above tags may be entered as values for the field. For example

  • /FVerdana sets the font to Verdana
  • /C140 0 0 sets the text colour to dark red

Styles can be chained. For example:

  • /FArial/B/C140 0 sets the font to Arial, styles it to bold and sets the colour to dark red

Figure 1: Entering style tags into a subject field

Calling the tag into a text box

The style is called into a box by enclosing the field name between two caret (^) symbols.

Figure 2: Calling the style into a text box

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