Importing images via a text file

Applies to: NeoPack/Professional, NeoComposite, DataPost, CompositeBuilder, PackBuilder

When importing data it is also possible to simultaneously import the images and have the software automatically match the images to the data.

This is possible if any of the following is true:

  • The text file has the full path to the images
  • The text file resides in the same directory as the images being imported
  • The text file resides in the jobname#images directory
  • The images and the currently open job file are in the same directory

The example below assumes the text file has the full path to the images being imported (including the image filename) as a single field.

For example your text file may look something like:

John, Doe,150964,8A,\workstation1\images\110.jpg

In this example the fields are repectively

firstname, lastname, ID, Grade and image path

The image path field in this case is in UNC format but may also be an absolute path. "Workstation" is the name of the computer from where the images are to be imported. "Images" is the share name of the folder that contains John Doe's image namely 110.jpg.

The text file is imported as per normal via Details Mode>Subjects>Import text file. Selecting the setup button allows the user to map the fields in the text file to the fields in the Details Mode. To import the images ensure the "filename" option is selected in the "Match with images as well" section. This will present the user with an additional field to map - the Image-id field

Figure 1: Setting up the text file import

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