Importing images via a text file - importing crop information and image corrections

Applies to: DataPost. NeoPack/Professional, PackBuilder

This article assumes the reader is familiar with importing images via a text file. If this is not the case please refer to Importing images via a text file

When importing images via a text file it is possible to have the software automatically apply any cropping information or image correction data that may be present in the text file. This situation may arise where users crop and colour correct their images in another application and are able to export this data into a text file.

The text file

Cropping and image corrections must be in separate fields with each parameter separated by a forward slash.

For cropping information the parameters are...


where X moves the image to the left or right, Y moves the image up and down and scale is the zoom factor expressed as a percentage where 100% does not zoom the image. For example the settings...


will move the image to the right 3 units, down 2 units and zoom in by 5 %

Colour correction information is in a similar format.


The following example increases intensity (brightness) by 5 units, reduces contrast by 2, reduces red by 5 units, leaves green and blue unchanged and adds 10 units of saturation


Naturally the two fields can be part of the same text file. Notice the comma separating each field.


Importing the text file

Import the text file as you would any other except be sure to check the Set cropping and Set corrections buttons. This will present the user with two additional fields to map. (See screen grab below.)

Figure 1: Setting up the text file import

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