Working with columns in Details Mode

Applies to: Details Mode


Beginning with Version 4.7 it became possible to re-order columns in Details Mode and switch off columns to prevent them displaying at all.

While it had always been possible to re-order subject fields in the Timestone Administrator (tsAdmin), 'system' fields such as the Folder, Image and Order columns were always in fixed positions and could not be moved. Furthermore, columns were always visible even if they were not used.

With the new functionality it therefore became possible to customize the appearance of Details Mode as needed by the operator at the time without affecting other users - moving columns to their desired positions and hiding columns that were not needed. For example an operator may choose to move the paper order column next to the subject name fields while at the same time electing to hide the Key and other system fields that are not required.

Key points

  • Change the order of all columns including subject fields, special fields and system columns
  • Elect to switch off columns so as not to display them
  • Changes are at the workstation level and therefore do not affect other users

Editing the columns

Columns are edited under Details Mode>Edit>Columns ...

Different column types are displayed differently.

  • System fields such as the Folder, Key and Order columns are displayed in bold
  • Subject fields with special properties such as the unique field (ID) and name fields are marked with an asterix
  • Additional subject fields as defined in tsAdmin are grouped as Common fields
  • Additional subject fields as defined in Edit>Fields are grouped as Job-specific fields

Reorder columns using the up and down arrows. Uncheck columns to prevent them displaying in Details Mode

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