Combining your site address with the shoot key/access key into a link

Applies to: IOS

When notifying your customers of their shoot key electronically (email, SMS, web) it is possible to combine your site's URL with the shoot key/ access key into one link. Clicking the link will then take the customer directly to the site and pre-enter their key.

The format for the link is different in the older versions of IOS compared to the new IOS3

Old IOS 2

Consider the website and the shoot key 4LPZALLH. Rather than send the customer two separate pieces of information (link and shoot key) the two can be combined into one link as

Of course it is possible to simply display the shoot key with a link to the complete URL

New IOS 3

The format has changed in the new IOS. With IOS 3 the site and key above become:

Note the links above are for demonstration purposes only and are not valid sites.

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