Broadcast jobs and job key ordering

Applies to: IOS

Timestone Software's Internet Ordering System (IOS) allows jobs to be 'Broadcast' on the site's home page. Jobs uploaded with this option have their 'Friendly Name' displayed in a drop down list.

Selecting a Broadcast job from the list simply has the effect of entering the job's Job Key as the Shoot Key. The fundamental concept of Broadcast jobs is therefore:

A Broadcast job negates the need for knowing a Job Key and simply enters the Job Key on the customer's behalf

(It is strongly recommended the reader consult this article on the different types of Shoot Keys and their uses. Shoot Keys in IOS)

Figure 1: Selecting a Broadcast job

Using the Job Key as the Shoot Key

As described in the article Shoot Keys in IOS, the Job Key can be used in two ways:

  1. With images - where all the job's images are displayed. Ordering is not subject specific and orders must be processed in Fulfill
  2. Without images - in combination with Identify Ordering. Orders are placed for an "Identity" that is later matched to a subject in Orders Mode

Using the Job Key with images

When a job has images, using the Job Key as the Shoot Key displays every image for every subject in the job. If the job originated from OutPost then all images in the job are displayed (OutPost has no concept of subjects).

Since all images are displayed, using the Job Key is ideal for jobs where privacy is not a concern and it is OK for the customer to view and order from all images. Some examples may include:

  1. Public events
  2. Sports teams
  3. Dances, competitions etc

It must be emphasised that using a Job Key with images is not subject specific - orders are placed for an image not a subject. This means any subject data on templates such as names will be lost. It also means the only products available for ordering are portrait based products - pack layout templates from NeoPackProfessional or OutPost.

An example of using the job key for prom groups may be seen here PromGroups

Using the job key with Identify Ordering

Identify ordering is a very popular method of allowing subject specific ordering with the need for a subject key. This can be useful in many circumstances such as:

  • You are shooting a school very early in the season and do not have oppotunity to get individual subject keys to each student
  • You wish to take orders before you have any subject data
  • A school does not wish to distribute individual subject keys to the students

An overview of Identify Ordering

With Identify Ordering a customer enters the Job Key (or selects the job from the Broadcast list) and is prompted for information about who they ordering for. The customer is asked to enter data into four fields before viewing and ordering products with the two name fields being compulsory.

  1. Firstname
  2. Lastname
  3. ID
  4. Home folder (teacher, class, year, homeroom, team etc)

An example of Identify Ordering may be seen here Identify Ordering

Orders are subsequently downloaded into Orders Mode where they are "Identified" against a subject in the job. Essentially the identification process "matches" the data supplied by the online customer to the subject data in the job.

Figure 2: Identifying the orders in Orders Mode

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