Applies to: IOS 3


The PayPal integration with your IOS site requires the following two parameters from your PayPal merchant account

  • Client ID
  • Secret

The two parameters look something like:

Client ID: AfR287W6LxZx1uEVaM9ElcRSPNv15VQ9t1YLq79isRm7PeHKjYDgfa_Gu1dC-Gn41wIOwrywZbh6ww9r
Secret: EMYMWQO1UD3WqZsRa_6U5ZfzlMa6-isqXGZeSLeDf5KmM8s_mMr3-x2qNl_B8qVAD47XiL7KJKJPMhlV9

This document explains how to generate the Client ID and Secret from your PayPal account.

Step 1: Log into the PayPal developer site

1. Visit
2. Click the 'Login to dashboard' button at the top right. (See screen grab here)
3. Log in with your PayPal username and password

Step 2: Create a REST API app

4. You should be on the 'My Apps and Credentials' page of the site. If not, you can get there from the menu on the left
5. Note the radio button that toggles between 'Sandbox' and 'Live'. Click 'Live'. The button will turn blue (See screen grab here)
6. Click the blue Create App button. The app name is not important. (See screen grab here)
7. Your PayPal account name will be pre-filled and cannot be edited
8. Your Client ID will be visible.
9. Under 'Secret:' click Show to reveal the secret. (See screen grab here)
10. Copy and paste the Client ID and Secret and send them to us

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