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Applies to: Fulfill

Fulfill has the ability to automatically check for and download new orders. This occurs when the program is launched and subsequently at regular intervals while the app is running. Technically this behaviour is called 'Refresh' or more correctly 'Refresh in background' as it occurs in the background.

Setting the Refresh in background option when launching Fulfill

There are times when the 'auto-refresh' behaviour is undesirable as the process of checking for orders, downloading them, then applying sort and filter criteria, can be time consuming particularly for those customers with large databases. An option therefore exists to launch Fulfill with or without background refresh.

Figure 1: Launching Fulfill with background refresh on

When refresh in background is on

With background refresh on, Fulfill checks and downloads orders at launch and at regular intervals thereafter. Since this can be undesirable when printing, background refresh is automatically disabled while Fulfill is printing. Background refresh can also be switched off from the File menu at any stage. This overrides the option selected when launching the app.

Background refresh can be turned on and off at any time from the File menu (File > Refresh in background)

When background refresh is off

With refresh in background off, no new orders are downloaded into Fulfill. As per the above, refresh can be turned on from the File menu. However it is also possible to trigger a manual refresh via the View menu ( View > Refresh)

A manual refresh can be triggered at any time from the View menu (View > Refresh)

Note the automatic processing of digital products for orders already downloaded continues even when refresh in background is off.

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