Making a package conditional on ordering other packages

Applies to: IOS

This feature has been changed in the new version of IOS released in 2015 and is described in the document, Offering extra packages at checkout
The information below only applies to the 'old' IOS

It is possible to make a package available for online ordering only if the customer orders other packages in the offer.

For example a photographer may wish to encourage people to order online by offering a free set of wallets with every order. At the same time the photographer needs to prevent the customer only ordering the free wallets. This is achieved in tsAdmin by checking the Extra box in the Avail (short for availability) column for the package.

Figure 1: Making a package available as an 'extra'

Note in the above screen grab the set of wallets has been made available both as a 'normal' package as well as a free 'extra' package

Ordering extra packages online

Any packages marked as extras will appear at the bottom of the product list in IOS. The customer will only be allowed to add these products to the cart if they have first added one of more of the normal packages

Figure 2: Extra package displayed below regular packages

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