Defining products for digital download

Applies to: IOS

With the Timestone Internet Ordering system (IOS) the photographer is able to offer customers two different type of digital downloads. Not only is it possible for the customer to order their image or images as digital downloads but the photographer may also make any of their products available as digital products.

Beginning with Version 4.6, NeoPackProfessional is also capable of handling digital products whether they be online orders or paper orders

Defining the digital image product

In order to make images available as digital downloads a product needs to be added to tsAdmininstrator with a product type of 'Digital Image". Multiple digital image products may be defined in order to offer the image at different sizes (resolutions).

The screen grab below shows product definitions for three different digital image products each with a different size.

Figure 1: Defining products in tsAdmin for digital download of images

Setting the image size

It is possible to specify the size in pixels (width x height) of the digital image by using the 'Specialize' column.

  • Leave the column empty to make the image available at full size
  • Alternatively click the column and enter the desired pixel dimensions

Figure 2: Setting the pixel dimensions of the digital image

Adding the image to an offer

Once defined, the digital image product may be added to an offer in the normal way. It may be added to a package in combination with regular 'print' products or be a package on its own. If ordered, the customer receives the image as a jpeg in the pixel dimensions defined.

In the screen grab below the low res digital image product has been added to a package along with a regular 'for print' product

Figure 3: Ading the digital image product to an offer

Offering products as digital downloads

Any product defined in tsAdministrator may be added to a package as a digital download. This is irrespective of it's product type - portrait, composite, group etc. This means any regular 'print' product may also be offered to the customer as a digital version. Furthermore it is possible to set the desired resolution of the product (dpi).

To make a product available as a digital download ..

  1. In the offer, add the product to a package
  2. Check the 'Download' box and set the dpi (default 300)
  3. If the product is for download only set the Print copies to 0. If the products is also to be offered as a print, set the copies to one or more

The screen grab below shows the tsAdmin Offers object. A bookmark product has been added to package PK3 and made available for download at 300dpi. The Print column is set to zero, indicating the product is for download only.

Figure 4: Adding a product for digital download

Using the portrait product type to offer just the digital image

It is possible to offer the image as a digital download by using the portrait product type. For example a simple portrait layout (NeoPackProfessional, PackBuilder or OutPost) can be created at any size (say 4"x5") added as a product to tsAdministrator and added to an offer at specified DPI (say 300 dpi) and print copies value of zero. In this example the customer would receive a digital file 1200 x 1500 pixels (4"x5" at 300 dots per inch)

The main advantage of offering the image in this manner as opposed to simply using the 'image' product type is the ability to use a customer version of the portrait template and hence more pleasing appearance than simply displaying the image.

Figure 5: Using a portrait product type and customer version of the template

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