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IOS 3 introduced three reports that display information about activity on the site. These reports read directly from the IOS site and do not require orders to be downloaded first.

  • Orders - lists information for orders currently on the site regardless of their payment and download status
  • Customer logins - based on the (optional) email address a customer enters at login
  • Identify orders - infornation specific to Identify ordering

Each report is accessed via a unique URL which prompts the user for their IOS username and password. The reports are subsequently downloaded as CSV files.

Customer Logins Report

A report based on the optional email address entered on the login screen


The report is useful for ascertaining which customers have visited your site but did not proceed to order.

Online Orders Report

A report of orders placed on the site. An order is deemed to have been placed as soon as the customer clicks the 'Place Order' button on the checkout page regardless of whether the customer proceeds to payment or not or whether payment was successful.


The report provides a wealth of information for orders placed on the site including their payment status, package and product information, order cost, customer details and much more.

Identify orders

A report of any identify orders placed on the site including the identify entities (subjects, families etc) and the orders placed for each.


Without this report a photographer would need to download and identify the orders in order to obtain this information. The Identify report provides this information even before the orders have been identified.

Optional parameters to retrieve a range of informatiom only

Filters are available to limit the number of records retrieved by the reports.

?isSortAscending={true/false} ?processing={number} (1=pre-orders, 2=Fulfill)
?skip={number} will skip n records
?take={number} will only process n records


- retrieves all orders from 1st January 2020

- retrieves all orders that 'pre-orders'

Separate multiple parameters with &

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