Uploading jobs - subject image options in tsIOS

Applies to: tsIOS

When uploading jobs to the Timestone Internet Ordering System (IOS), choices are available with respect to both the images used to display the packages on offer and whether to upload all or just some subject images. These options are selected in the Image Handling section of tsIOS and are set on a job by job basis.

This document discusses subject images - the options available when uploading subject images. For a discussion of package image options refer to the article Uploading jobs - package image options in IOS

Figure 1: Image handling options in tsIOS

Subject images

Three options are available with respect to which subject images are uploaded and displayed.

  • All images
  • Primary image only
  • Primary image or images with poses

Consider a subject who has 6 images matched. Of those 3 have been assigned poses. The primary (main) image is one of those poses.

All images

Uploads all subject images. They will be displayed in image number order

In the example above the customer will see all 6 of the subject's images. They will be in the same order as displayed in the software (image number order)


Primary image only

Uploads only the subject's primary (main) image

In the example above the customer will see only one image - the main image.


Primary or with pose

Uploads only images that have been assigned a pose along with the primary image (regardless of whether the primary image has been assigned a pose or not). Images are sorted alpha numerically by pose. Note pose numbers are not visible

In the example above the customer will see three images - those with poses. They will be displayed in pose order which in our example is different to image number order.


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