Offers products packages and units - an overview


This article presents a brief overview of the concepts of offers, packages, and products. It is strongly recommended the reader also refer to more detailed articles relating to each of these items.

Some definitions


A product can be considered to be any object that is offered to a customer. Products often relate directly to a pack layout template in NeoPack. Other products relate to a genre, such as composites, groups and digital image. Products are entered into the Timestone Administrator where they are assigned various attributes such as a code, the product type, the subtype or a template ley


A package is one or more products. All ordering, with the exception of simple point and click, is via a package. Order barcodes, ordering with a text file or online orders all order packages not products


An offer is composed of one or more packages. It is useful to think of an offer as an order sheet from which customers choose what they wish to order. "Here are the products I offer you". An offer is assigned to a job when the job is created or uploaded.

Pricing information

Packages may be assigned a price. Apart from the base price, additional prices may be assigned to a package that dynamically alter the base package price when certain conditions are met.

Putting it all together - a simple example

Products, units, packages and offers are all defined in tsAdministrator. The following is a simple, quick start guide to defining a new offer with packages and products. In this example we will not use units and pricing will be entered for packages.

  • Enter some products
    • Select the products object in tsAdministrator
    • Enter some products. It is only necessary to enter a product once even if it is to be used in several packages and offer
    • Click Submit changes to enter the products into the database
    Figure 1: Entering products into tsAdmin
  • Create an offer
    • Select the Offers/Packages object in tsAdministrator.
    • Create a new Offer for a given Season and/or Account (select * for each if the Offer will apply to all seasons and accounts
    • Select the newly created offer and add one or more packages to it.
    • Select each package and add one or more products to it.
    • Select the Pricing tab and enter a base price for each package
    • Click Submit changes to enter the offer into the database
    • Figure 2: Creating an offer

  • Start a new job with this offer
    • Start one of the Version 4 programs and select File>New.
    • Enter a name for the job
    • In the New Job window select the season, account and worlspace
    • Select the newly created offer
    • Click OK to create the job with this offer
    • Figure 3: Starting a new job

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