How families are sorted in the queue

Applies to: Families

Where family products sort in the NeoPack print queue depends on what other criteria applies to the family. In brief:

  • If a responsible subject has been set, the family products sort with the responsible subject
  • With no responsible subject, the families sort with a specific folder if one has been assigned
  • In the absence of both a responsible subject and an assigned folder, family products appear at the end of the queue

Default sorting

In the absence of a responsible subject and when a specific folder has not been assigned to a family, family products appear in alphabetical order at the end of the NeoPack queue.

Setting a family to a folder

Families can be assigned to a folder. This can be done online, when ordering for the family in Identify Ordering, or in Details Mode by dragging the family to a folder.

See Assigning a folder to a family

If a folder has been assigned to the family, the family products will sort with that folder unless a responsible family member has also been set as per below.

When a responsible subject is assigned

When a subject in a family is set as the responsible subject, the family products will always sort with that subject even if a folder has been set for the family.

See Setting a responsible family member

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