Batch printing

Applies to: All programs

Printing a large print queue can be very demanding on system resources with a subsequent slowing down of printing times. By splitting the print queue into smaller batches it is possible to significantly speed up printing.

Batch printing with NeoPack/Professional, NeoPack/Plus and PackBuilder

It is possible to have the software automatically send the pages to print in smaller, user definable, batches. In the "Print" window simply check the Batch print option and enter the number of pages to be sent to print as a batch.

Figure 1: Enabling a batch of 24

Note the optimum batch size for maximum throughput will very much depend on each users system and printer and will need to be determined by trial and error.

Batch printing with NeoComposite and NeoGroup

Printing composite pages, particularly rotated composites, is also very demanding on system resources. Batch printing with NeoComposite prints one group at a time

Figure 2: Printing a group at a time in NeoComposite

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