Sorting the print queue

Applies to: NeoPack/Professional, PackBuilder

It is possible to sort the print queue before it is printed. Three sort levels are available and each level may be sorted according to one of the following three criteria. Furthermore each level may be sorted in ascending or descending order.

  • Subject - sorts according to any subject field
  • Folder - sorts according to any folder field
  • Pack - sorts according to the template name, size or price code, the order packages were added to the queue or their print status

The print queue is sorted in Form Packs Mode>Queue>Sort

Example 1: A two level sort

Consider a scenarios where orders have been scanned into CapturePost at the time of shooting and a print queue has been formed. You now wish to print the packages in grade order. Within each grade the packages must be sorted by the student's identification number.The data has been arranged into folders and each folder is a grade. Each subject has a unique field called "ID" containing the student's identification numb

The sort

The first level sort is the folder name since each folder is a grade. The second sort level is by subject and the ID field. The third level sort is optional.

Figure 1: Sorting by the folder then each subject in the folder

Example 2: Sorting by pack

You have built a print queue for a large sports shoot. The print queue contains packages of various paper sizes including buttons and magnets which will need to be printed to bitmap separately to the rest of the packages. You therefore wish to sort the print queue according to template name so that you can easily select all the button and magnets.

The sort

The first level sort is Pack>description which will sort the print queue according to the template name (or description if defined). Second and third level sorts are optional.

Sorting the print queue by the template name

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