Making template objects the same size and angle

Applies to: Template design

When placing several objects onto a template it is possible to resize the objects to a common size. Furthermore it is possible to rotate the objects to a common angle

The various resize options together with their keyboard shortcuts are listed below.

  • Same width (Shift+Control+W)
  • Same height (Shift+Control+H)
  • Same size (Shift+Control+S)
  • Same angle (Shift+Control+A)

In order to resize objects on a template they must first be selected. The objects do not have to be of the same type (eg image hole, text box,graphic box) in order to be resized.

To select multiple objects:

  1. Click the first object to select it
  2. Shift+click other objects

It is important to note the objects will be resized according to the last object selected.

Once selected, objects can be resized via one of the following methods

  1. Using the resize tools on the toolbar
  2. Using the menu via Layout>Align>Resize option
  3. Using the keyboard shortcuts listed above

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