@codes used in order headers and item strips

Applies to: IOS, Fulfill

When designing order headers and item strips for use with Fulfill or NeoPack, the user may use several order and customer specific @codes.

Broadly speaking the codes may be divided into two types

  • Order specific codes tat refer information about the order including 'delivery' information
  • Customer specific information about the person placing the order including 'billing' information

Order specific codes

  • @order:key
  • @order:number
  • @order:date
  • @order:cost
  • @order:name
  • @order:firstname
  • @order:lastname
  • @order:address
  • @order:addressline
  • @order:addressline1
  • @order:addressline2
  • @order:city
  • @order:state
  • @order:postal @order:postcode @order:zip
  • @order:country
  • @order:countrycode

Customer specific codes

  • @customer:key
  • @customer:firstname
  • @customer:lastname
  • @customer:name
  • @customer:address
  • @customer:addressline
  • @customer:addressline1
  • @customer:addressline2
  • @customer:city
  • @customer:state
  • @customer:postal @customer:postcode @customer:zip
  • @customer:country
  • @customer:countrycode
  • @customer:email
  • @customer:contactphone
  • @customer:mobilephone
  • 'address returns address line 1and address line 2 on separate lines
  • 'addressline' returns addressline 1 and address line 2 separated by a space
  • 'postal, 'postcode' and 'zip'return the same result

Listing the packages of an order on an order header

Using @codes it is possible to list the packages of an order.

  • @item:packagecode
  • @item:packagename
  • @item:copies

The above codes return the package code, package description and the number of copies of each package in the order. Furthermore although an order can belong to more than one subject,packages are ordered for unique subjects. therefore it is possible to list subject specific data using the following codes:

  • @item:key
  • @item:name
  • @item:firstname
  • @item:lastname

Mrs Jones orders online for her two children John and Martha with subject keys of SDF3S23Q and 23DFRT5R respectively. She orders packages PK1 for both children and package PK2 for John and PK3 for Martha. To list the contents of the order, displaying each subject's name, key and packages ordered we use the following codes enclosed in square brackets.

[@item:name @item:key ........ Package: @item:package code - Copies:@item:copies]

This will result in the follwing list

  • John Jones SDF3S23Q .......... Package: PK1 Copies:1
  • John Jones SDF3S23Q .......... Package: PK2 Copies 1
  • Martha Jones 23DFRT5R .......... Package: PK1 Copies:1
  • Martha Jones 23DFRT5R .......... Package: PK3 Copies:1

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