Generic Bitmap driver

Applies to: Version 4.4

The ability to print products to 'bitmap' as well as hardcopy has been a long standing feature of the software. Products can be printed in a variety of formats (jpeg, tiff, bmp etc) at the desired resolution (DPI). The output is directed by the user to a folder somewhere and a couple of options are available with respect to the names of the printed files.

Version 4.4 introduced a new printer driver - called 'Generic Bitmap' - that gives the user greater flexability when printing to bitmap. Products can be printed to a folder tree of nested folders with each folder named by a variety of methods

The Generic Bitmap driver is listed in the 'Printers' section of the Print Setup

Figure 1: Selecting the driver

Configuring the driver

The driver is configured by clicking the Properties button in the Print Setup window. The user then selects:

  1. The path to the parent destination folder
  2. A structure of subfolders using either the three 'Folder' options or the format window or a combination of both
  3. The naming convention for the files
  4. The format and resolution of the files

The folder tree name

The folder tree name section gives the user the ability to print to a series of up to three nested folders.

Each folder has five options

  1. None - do not use a folder
  2. Random number - uses a randomy generated 8 digit number
  3. Jobname - uses the current job name
  4. Order number - uses data from 'As tags' for the subject
  5. Page size - uses the dimensions (width by height) of the product

The Format window

The format window also provides for the creation of nested subfolders but with greater power and flexibility than the Folder Tree options since it enables the user to use @codes to form folder names and does not limit the number of subfolders to three. Slashes (forward or backward) are used to designate a new subfolder

The format options can be used instead of or in conhunction with the Folder Tree options above.

Naming the files

The files can be named by one of three methods

  1. Random number - uses a randomly generated number
  2. Page description - uses the subjects 'As tags'
  3. Page number - uses sequential numbering

File format and resolution

Currently the Generic Bitmap driver supports jpeg and tiff only. Other formats such as bmp and png may be added in the future. Any resolution may be set by entering a value into the resolution field. Some common values are available in a drop down list.

Figure 2: Configuring the driver

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