Sorting family products in the queue

Applies to: Families

When printing family products (ie family images and memory moments) it is possible to specify where these products will appear in a print queue. Moreover different options are available depending on whether the family products have been ordered by against a family or a subject. (see Ordering the family photo and Memory Moments)

The following rules apply:

  • If the family product is ordered against a subject, it will be placed immeduately after that subject's other products in the queue
  • If the family product is added to a queue manually in Point and Click Mode it will be placed with the first subject in the family when sorted alphabetically by name
  • If a subject has been marked as 'responsible' for the family, the family product will be placed with products for that family member (See below)
  • The sort option Queue>Sort>Pack>Type places all family products together

Setting a 'Responsible' family member

A subject in a family may be marked as 'responsible'. This is done in Details Mode>Subjects>Set responsible for family. Any family products ordered for the family will be sorted with the responsible family member.

Figure 1: Setting the responsible family member