Ordering the family photo

Applies to: Families

Once an image has been matched to a family (see Matching an image to a family) there are several methods of ordering the image.

Broady speaking the family image may be ordered for the family entity or it may be ordered for a subject belonging to the family. Note however ordering the family image against the family entity is not possible when ordering by text file or barcode.

Simple 'Point and Click' ordering

In Point and Click Mode (formerley known as Form Packs Mode) it is possible to order the family image against either a subject or a family

  • Find or select a family then select any 'normal' layout
  • Find or select any subject belonging to the family then select a layout with a labeled holder labeled with either 'family' or '@family'

Figure 1: Adding an @family label to a labeled image holder on a template

The 'Portrait for Family' product type

Before discussing the other ordering methods it is important the user understand the 'Portrait for family' product type. (See also Product attributes)

In tsAdministrator a portrait product type is deemed as a product produced by NeoPack/Professional, PackBuilder or OutPost. Practically it is equivalent to the pack layouts built in the template designer of those programs.

Portrait products may be further defined as 'Portraits for family'. With this product type the image used will be the image matched to the family rather than the subject's image. This means pack layout templates may be entered as products to tsAdministrator as both 'normal' Portrait types (where they will use the subject's image) and 'family' Portrait types where they will use the image matched to the subject's family.

Figure 2: The products in tsAdmin showning the three different portrait types for the same 4x5 template (note the same template key)

Ordering by Package Code

Apart from the manual 'point and click' method of ordering the family image, it may also be ordered by any of the 'automated' methods where package codes are used. (See Ordering in Version 4 and Order barcodes)

  • Scanning a barcode in Details Mode or Orders Mode
  • Importing a text file
  • Entering the package code via the keyboard in Details Mode or Orders Mode
  • Online ordering with the Timestone Internet Ordering System

The first three methods all require the family image to be ordered for a subject, whereas the Internet Ordering System also allows the family image to be ordered against the family enitiy (see below)

Barcodes, text files and keyboard entry

With each of these methods the family image is ordered for a subject.

Two options are available

  1. The package has a 'normal' product type and the template has a labeled image holder with @family as the label
  2. The package has a 'Portrait for family' product type and the template has a normal image hole

Online ordering

The Timestone Internet Ordering System allows the family image to be ordered for either a subject or a family by using either a subject key or a family key as the shoot key

Online ordering using a subject key

By entering a subject key as the shoot key, the subject's images are displayed. Any products with either the 'Portrait for family' product type or with an @family labeled holder will display the family image. These products may then be ordered in the usual manner.

An example where the subject key is used as the shoot key can be seen here:

Online ordering using a family key

Each family is assigned a family key upon creation of the family in Details Mode. (See Creating families

By entering the family key as the shoot key, the customer sees the family image instead of the subject image. Products may then be ordered for the family key in the normal manner. An example of where the family key is used as the shoot key an be seen here

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