Order text and uploading promotional banners

Applies to: Version 4.5, IOS

When uploading jobs with tsIOS it is possible to specify custom text that will appear at the top of the main ordering page. Often used to provide brief instructions to the customer, the custom text supports HTML tags as shown in the screen grab below.

Figure 1: Entering HTML into the Orders Text window

The HTML text in the above example yields the following results.

Figure 2: HTML formatted text online

The example above uses the <FONT>tag, however other HTML tags are also supported. The following example uses the <STRONG> tag to highlight key words in some text.

For <strong>FREE</strong> delivery to the school be sure to order by <strong>Friday May 13th</strong>

This HTML results in:

For FREE delivery to the school be sure to order by Friday May 13

This example can also be seen on our demo website here

Uploading a promotional banner

HTML tags other than the text formatting examples described above are also supported. Notably the <IMG> tag can be used to display a graphic uploaded to the site folder. This can be used for promotional purchases such as Mother's Day or Christmas specials.

Figure 3: Displaying a promotional banner

Displaying a promotional banner is a two step process

  1. Upload the graphic to your site folder
  2. Entering the appropriate HTML into the Orders Text window when uploading/refreshing the job

Upload the graphic to your site folder

Using your sFTP credentials and an sFTP client such as Filezilla connect to your site folder and upload the graphic.

Be sure to connect to your site with sFTP not normal FTP

Your credentials (username and password) are provided when you purchase IOS. Please contact us if you need these resent

Enter the HTML into the Order Text window in tsIOS

Once the graphic has been uploaded to the site folder it is inserted into the site with some simple HTML. The general format is:

<img src="site/graphic-filename">

To insert a graphic called mothersday.png enter the following

<img src="site/mothersday.png">

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