Adding an 'About Us'

Applies to: IOS

It is possible for the user to add an "About Us" page to their IOS site. The instructions below will add an About Us menu item. Clicking the menu item will display the About Us page.


You will need the following:

  1. A HTML document with your About Us information. You will upload this file to your site
  2. Your sFTP login credentials - address, login and password. These are available from Timestone Software
  3. An sFTP client such as WinSCP, Filezilla or Altap Salamander

The HTML document

You will need to create an HTML document with your About Us information. A suggested name for the file is about.html although any valid filename may be used.

Uploading the document

Using your sFTP client and the credentials given to you, upload the html documents to your Site folder.

Although you will see several files and folders, your sFTP login only gives you access to the Site folder

Updating the settings.ini file

With the html document uploaded it is then necessary to let the system know its wherabouts and their name. This is done by adding an entry to the settings.ini file located inside the site folder.

The settings.ini file is simply a text file that may be edited with any text editor. Some sFTP clients will allow you to edit text files directly while others will require you to download the file to your local computer for editing before re-uploading back to the site folder.

Assuming the menu item About Us document is called about.html add the following line anywhere in the settings.ini file


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