Importing subjects into their Extra folders

Applies to: Version 4.9

Beginning with Version 4.9 of the software it became possible to copy subjects into one or more 'Extra' folders via a text file import. An 'Extra' folder is defined as folder that is not a subject's home folder.

Importing subjects into the extra folders only

Broadly speaking, the text file may contain only the subject's extra folder(s) or may be combined with the subject's home folder.

Consider a text file that contains only subjects with extra folders. This type of text file is normally imported after the initial text file import used to create the subjetcs and assign them to a home folder. The text file extract below is one such example and lists the subject's unique ID, last and first names and the extra folder.

  • 90453,Windler,Jack,Astronomy
  • 90507,Kelly,Michael,Astronomy
  • 10309,Perez,Paris,Astronomy
  • 10313,Garwood,Ethan,Astronomy
  • 10319,Hutchinson,David,Astronomy
  • 10319,Hutchinson,David,Chess
  • 10319,Hutchinson,David,Debating
  • 10328,Sorensen,Jovan,Astronomy
  • 10333,Doyle,Callum,Astronomy
  • 12283,Nottage,Joseph,Chess
  • 12642,Hanthi,Ashen,Chess
  • 90063,Hirst,Guy,Chess
  • 90083,Le Moigne,Matthieu,Chess

Note the subject David Hutchinson. He is a member of three different extra folders. Each of these extra folders is listed as a separate line.

Where a subject belongs to multiple extra folders, a separate line is needed for each folder.

Mapping the fields

In the above example, since the subjects have already been imported, it is only necessary to map the unique field and extra folder - the name fields are not needed. This action will find the existing subjects (via the unique ID) and copy them into the Extra folder. If the folder does not yet exist, it will be created. The mapping is then simply as depicted below.

Figure 1: Mapping ths extra folders

Importing subjects into their home folder and extra folders with one text file

Less commonly, the initial text file imported to create the subjects and their home folders will also list the subjects' extra folders. The extract below is one such example.

  • 10001,Stewart,Kalib,12BRM,
  • 10001,Stewart,Kalib,,CricketA
  • 10002,Rangi,Connery,12BRM,
  • 10003,Braun-Beaumont,Marco,12BRM,
  • 10007,Meale,Fred,13SOO,
  • 10007,Meale,Fred,,CricketB
  • 10010,Warner,Grace,12CHA,
  • 10012,Chen,Jennifer,12SMP,
  • 10013,Hifo,Trevor,12GRC,
  • 10014,Zeng,Deming,12DKY,
  • 10015,Tanoa'i Rolle,Eliza,12LCH,
  • 10016,Cockin,Stephen,12SUA,
  • 10017,Bringans,Chavon,12RED,
  • 10020,Latu,Fukaeiki,12NKL,
  • 10020,Latu,Fukaeiki,,CricketA

Note the text file now has five fields - unique ID, last and first names, home folder and extra folder.

The Home folder and the Extra folder must be in separate fields

Mapping the fields

In the above example, the subjects have not yet been created and so all fields will be mapped as per the screen grab below.

Figure 2: Mapping both home and extra folders

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