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An order summary report is available that displays orders currently on the IOS server. Downloaded as a CSV file, the report displays useful information for each order such as the order key and date, the job name, where the order will download to and whether the order has already been downloaded.

It is anticipated the last parameter, whether an order has been downloaded or not, will be especially useful for pre-orders that need to be downloaded into their respective jobs.

Key points

  • Securely download an online orders report as a CSV
  • Use optional parameters to limit the report to certain orders only (date, job etc)
  • See status of orders such as whether they have been downloaded

Viewing and downloading the data

The report is downloaded via any web browser by visiting a special address ...


.. where yourwebsite is the name of your IOS site

Access to the data is protected by a username and password. These credentials are the same as those to gain sFTP access to your site folder

Figure 1: Enter your credentials to access the report

Some browsers such as Apple Safari allow the data to be viewed before downloading the CSV file via File>Save as. Other browsers such as Google Chrome will immediately prompt to download and save the CSV.

The report

The screen grab below shows a a typical CSV file. An explanation of the various fields follows

Figure 2: The CSV file

Field Description Notes
Order Date
the date-time stamp for the order based on the host server location
USA: central time
Australia and NZ: Sydney time
Europe: Germany time
Order Key
the order key
how the order will be downloaded
1=pre-order for downloading into the job
2=for Fulfill
Fulfiller code
optional fulfiller code
Products Cost
the products cost
any discount to be applied to the order total
Postage Cost
the shipping cost
any tax to be applied to the order
CC Surcharge
a credit charge surcharge if applicable
Delivery Option Code
the delivery option code if using delivery option sets
the payment status of the order
0=payment not required
1= paid
2= unpaid
3=100% coupon used (bypass payment)
whether the order has been downloaded or not 0=not yet downloaded
Provider Code
the provider code for the job if set at upload
Provider Name
the provider name for the job if set at upload
Job Key
the job key
Job Name
the job name

Optional parameters to retrieve a range of orders only

The URL http://yourwebsite/reports/orders will retrieve ALL orders currently on the server. This is not advisable.

Additional parameters are available to limit the orders in the report

Parameter Description Notes
retrieves orders from a certain date
yyyy-mm-dd format
retrieves orders from up to a certain date
yyyy-mm-dd format
retrieves orders only with a certain provider code
retrieves orders only with a certain provider name
retrieves orders for a certain job
retrieves orders for a job with the specified job key
retrieves orders only for orders with the specified fulfiller code
retrieves orders based on the destination of the order (pre-order or Fulfill)
pre-orders: processing=1
fulfill orders: processing=2
retrieves orders based on whether they have been downloaded
downloaded: processed=0
not downloaded: processed=1

Using the optional parameters

Parameters are appended to the URL in the following manner



To retrieve all orders from September 25th 2017 on the site the URL would be:

To retrieve all orders from January 1st 2018 for the job Greenville HS on the site the URL would be: HS

To retrieve all pre-orders that have yet to be downloaded on the site:

Interpreting the fields

Certain fields are of special interest and warrant further discussion


The moment a customer places products into the cart an order is generated. The order key remains with the 'order' regardless of whether the customer proceeds to check out and regardless of whether the customer proceeds to check out but does not pay for the order.

The Paid column indicates what happened with the order once the customer placed products into the cart.

A value of 2 means the customer either did not proceed to checkout or if they did, they did not successfully complete payment. The order will not download. A value of 1 indicates the order was successfully paid. The order will download or already has been downloaded.

  • Paid=0 indicates the job was uploaded without the 'require payment' option
  • Paid=1 indicates the order was paid.
  • Paid=2 indicates the order was not paid
  • Paid=3 indicates the order used a 100% discount coupon to bypass payment


When uploading jobs the option exists to have orders either automatically download to Fulfill (assuming Fulfill is running) or for the orders to be downloaded into Orders Mode for their respective job by opening each job in NeoPack or similar and executing Orders Mode>Orders>Download online orders.

A value of 1 means the order is earmarked for downloading into Orders Mode. A value of 2 means the order will download into Fulfill


The processed column indicates whether an order has been downloaded. A value of 0 indicates the order is yet to be downloaded. A value of 1 indicates the order has already been downloaded

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